Maasai in May 2014

Maasai in May 2014

Liz Drew, Secretary and founding board member of MWEEP,  was our featured speaker for our annual event.  The following is an excerpt from Liz’ words. She tells our story so well.

Maasai in May:  CKPC



Thank you for making this event happen each year!  The food, the surroundings and the “catching up” conversations have been wonderful.

YOU, our faithful supporters, form our inner core.

The work we are doing in 2014 with the girls and women in Kenya was born from the hearts of the men and women in this congregation.

MWEEP has written an amazing story … and we are all a part of it.

Sometimes we ask ourselves …Why do we continue to support this work?

Why do we believe that our yearly donations will make a difference in such a fragmented world?  It’s because a small group of people can affect tremendous good … even in an area of the world we may never have seen.

It’s because we’re still living in a WORLD where 57 million primary school aged children are still not in school.  1 out of every 10 children can’t go to school. 40 percent of the world’s children of primary school age either do not reach grade 4 or, if they do, fail to attain even minimum learning standards.

THAT COULD BE THE STORY told of our girls who live in this remote area of the Rift Valley … but it’s not … because …This marks the 6th year of MWEEP USA and the Board continues to keep its promise to the mothers of our Maasai girls.  Since 2008, our efforts have raised the necessary funds for girls to be able to reach higher than being married off for a dowry of cattle, or a 14 year old mother.  Because their mothers recognized and ASKED FOR

help in educating these girls we now have sent 162 girls to secondary boarding schools and many girls on to post secondary training opportunities.

These girls have “given back” to their villages in many ways. Some are teachers who now encourage young girls to reach for their stars.  Others have gone on to post secondary training to achieve university degrees or service oriented training.  They have become accountants,  technicians and business owners.  They are helping others raise themselves out of poverty and using their gifts and talents to make a difference in their communities.

The women of Kenya asked … and all of us have responded.

Organizationally, MWEEP Kenya is a far different grouping of women than when they first came together over 10 years ago.  They now meet monthly in a coveted small office space in the nearest city of Ngong.  They keep accurate records and send us their accounting of bank records and the girls’ schooling records on a regular basis.  They email us. Their records are now kept accurately in a database that they share with us.  They make their own decisions … and they are good decisions.

We send them an allocated amount of money for the girls’ secondary schooling, for the post secondary students and for their small business operating expenses.  They manage their budget carefully. Recently, they decided that two of the MWEEP Kenya members will now travel to each of the schools to deliver the tuition checks and check on the girls each term.  That’s another big step forward.

MWEEP Kenya and MWEEP USA continue to be that “small group of people, doing amazing work” … thanks to you.

Giving opportunity and education to those who have little or none is the greatest gift we can share.   So now is the discernment time, the time when I am going to ask you to reach into your hearts and share.

We hope that this year’s Maasai in May event will serve to send more girls to school in the coming year. As Christine said in her last email from Kenya to our group:  “We promise to be faithful stewards and we believe that God will bless all of us. Pass our love to the rest.”

Thank you so much for your everlasting support!Maasai in May 2014

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