Guests Enjoyed Peonies and Good Food

Guests Enjoyed Peonies and Good Food

Seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, listening all made for a lovely summer evening at Ann Mossman’s fundraising event for MWEEP. Warm spring sun worked its magic on the Peonies as they were in full, glorious bloom for the June evening.  Guests walked among the blooms and inhaled the fragrances.

guest jewelry peony 2015

Inside, Ann Mossman had exclusive MWEEP jewelry on display and a table laden with yummy foods.

food tableStories were told of how MWEEP has impacted the lives of the Maasai women who have been working for nearly 10 years to provide education opportunities for young Maasai girls going to secondary school.  Many have become successful community leaders, and professional women as well as empowered managers of MWEEP.

diana peony 2015

Many thanks to Ann and Jim Mossman for their welcoming hospitality and to the guests who supported MWEEP with their purchases of jewelry and generous donations. Education is truly the Gift of Hope.

toasting MWEEP


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