2015 Donors Support MWEEP

2015 Donors Support MWEEP

On this final day of 2015, I want to take a moment to personally thank all of you who have so faithfully supported MWEEP.  As President of MWEEP USA I am blessed to work with five women who voluntarily serve on the board.  Each one of them is totally and completely committed to the work we are doing.  We come from different backgrounds and circumstances but are united in our love of education and compassion for girls/women who are filled with hope, but in need of help.  Many of us have met the women of MWEEP Kenya and even some of the girls who have received assistance from MWEEP to go to school.  So this is personal for us.  We have seen the smiles and heard the gratitude in their voices.

But many of you who have so willingly donated funds have never met any of these women or girls.  The fact that you have opened your hearts to a culture and community you have never seen says so much about your caring and concern for others in need. Since we began keeping records in 2007 YOU have sent more than 200 girls to secondary school, some for four years.  More than 50 young women have gone on to some form of post-secondary schooling. Because of your generosity in 2015, MWEEP will be able to assist more young women who are hoping to expand their education in 2016.

We look forward to your support for our fund raising events in 2016 and wish each of you a New Year filled with love, joy and hope.

pat w school girls

Education provides the light of hope that penetrates the darkness of poverty.






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